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This short questionnaire will help you and your adviser better understand some of your personal money drivers and aspirations, leading to creating a more rewarding financial plan.

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Date of birth

Imagine you have received a large inheritance. What would you do?

You are looking to buy a new house. Which features would have the most influence on your decision?

Imagine you are at career crossroads and have a few different options. What would appeal to you most?

You have just received an unexpected financial bonus. What would you do?

You are invited to the wedding of a close family member who is finally getting married at an expensive resort in Rarotonga. What are you thinking?

Imagine you are financially secure and you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and into the future. What would be your priority?

You are looking to upgrade your main vehicle. What would you choose?

The newest technology in one of your areas of interest has just been released. What would you do?

As a result of bad weather, you got stuck at one of the best shopping cities in the world for 48 hours. What would you do?

You are celebrating your 100th birthday and reflecting back on your life. Of the choices below, what do you think you would be most proud of?